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9-year-old disappears in cave during church group outing

HOKEB HA CAVE, BLUE CREEK, Toledo District, Mon. Aug. 3, 2015–Police say that Jason Pou, 9, of Blue Creek, went to the Hokeb Ha Cave of Blue Creek along with a church group on Friday, as a part of a church outreach summer program field trip, when he somehow became separated from the group and became missing.

Church members, along with villagers, family members, police from Punta Gorda and soldiers of the Belize Defense Force located in Toledo, have all joined in a search to find him.

Reports are that Pou was along with 34 others, including teachers and students, who went on the field trip to the cave, along with a tour guide.

It is feared that he may have fallen into a sinkhole, which has a depth of 50 feet, with whirlwind currents, and may have drowned.

Tour guides report that it is difficult to search the sinkhole, because the cave is 6 miles long and the body can be anywhere in the waterways of the cave.

According to reports on KREM News, there should be 1 tour guide to every 8 persons for adequate safety, but there was only one guide for the 35 members of the group. The report also said that the Hokeb Ha Cave runs into another cave.

So far, it has been 48 hours since the young boy has disappeared.

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