General — 30 June 2018 — by Albert J. Ciego
Accused killers of Santos Dominguez, 52, arrested 48 hours later

FRANKS EDDY, Cayo District, Tues. June 26, 2018– Police announced today that the suspected killers of Santos Sabrino Guerra Dominguez, 52, have been arrested. They are Arnulfo Nunez Gonzalez, 40, a farmer of the village, and his common-law wife, Hilcia Cano Arevalo, a domestic of the village.

Forty-eight hours after Dominguez’ death, Gonzalez and Arevalo were jointly charged with murder and were detained pending arraignment at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court for the capital offense.

Dominguez, a Salvadoran who was visiting Franks Eddy, was hacked to death while walking home alone on a road in the village at about 1:30 Sunday morning.

Witnesses who saw the body said that Dominguez was chopped in the head, face, neck, hands and back.  In addition, his jaw was also chopped into many pieces, and his tongue was left hanging.

A woman whose house is located in front of the area where the chopping occurred, said that she was alerted by Dominguez’ cries for help, and when she looked out, she saw a person hacking something on the street.

At first, she thought that it was her dog, but when she looked closer, she realized that it was a person who was being chopped.

The assailant then escaped and left the victim on the roadside.

The woman, whose name was not mentioned by police, called her husband, who was not at home, and when he came, both of them went outside and saw Dominguez, whose body was badly chopped up.

Police were called and Dominguez was then taken to the Western Regional Hospital, where he was declared dead.

Information to us is that Dominguez was socializing at the home of Gonzalez and Arevalo earlier that Saturday night when they became involved in a misunderstanding.

In an interview on 7News, Elvin Torres, the woman’s husband, said that he believes that the chopping began at the house that was not far from theirs, because there would have been a lot more blood if he had been chopped where he was found dead.

Dominguez’ son, Jose, said that his father had no known enemies in the village and he doesn’t know why his father was mercilessly killed.

Police said that robbery was not a motive for the murder because no money was stolen from his wallet, which was found on him.

On the scene, they found a bloodied machete and believe it to be the murder weapon.

Dominguez’ wife is scheduled to return to the village to take the body back to El Salvador for burial.

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