Sports — 28 September 2016 — by Jerome Williams
Albert/Regent Streets Criterium 2016 results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Sept. 19, 2016–Here are the results, by category, from the annual Belize City Council/Leslie’s Imports Albert/Regent Streets Criterium, which took place yesterday, Sunday, September 18.

3-5yrs old (1/2 lap) – 1st Arien Pope (2:12).

6-8yrs old (1/2 lap) – 1st Charles Garay, Jr. (3:13); 2nd Orion Butler; 3rd Jayden Tillett.

9-12yrs old (2 laps) – 1st Derrick Brown (6:17); 2nd Jahmai Scott (6:52); 3rd Jayden Sutherland (7:48); 4th Jahroy Gladden (8:46).

13-15yrs old high school girls (5 laps) – 1st Taralee Ordonez (15:13); 2nd Kaylee Gillett (15:20); 3rd Alicee King (st).

13-15yrs old high school boys (5 laps) – 1st Patrick Williams (12:20); 2nd Jerson Lovell (st); 3rd Edgar McKoo; 4th Nelson Zyden, Jr.; 5th Kevaughn Cacho; 6th Sheldon Lynch.

Elite Females (15 laps) – 1st Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray, 46:37); 2nd Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank, st); 3rd Patricia Chavarria (C-Ray, st); 4th Taralee Ordonez (Belize Cank, 46:44).

Weekend Warriors “C” (10 laps) – 1st Ingmar Perrera (BFSC-El Pescador, 28:37); 2nd Ed Blank (BFSC-El Pescador, 29:45); 3rd Steve Gill (Smart, st); 4th Lisa Berger (BFSC-El Pescador, st); 5th Anthia Sutherland (BFSC-El Pescador); 6th Taralee Ordonez (Megabytes).

CFB Juniors/Youths (20 laps) – 1st Patrick Williams (WKC Strikers, 47:40); 2nd Kaydine Pinelo (Smart, st); 3rd Nashaun Ysaguirre (Cabral/Marin); 4th Darien Anderson (WKC Strikers); 5th Sean Codd; 6th Jashua Fuller; 7th Edgar McKoo.

Weekend Warriors “A/B” (20 laps) – 1st Vallan Symns (Megabytes, 49:14); 2nd Robert Mariano (Digicell-4G); 3rd Kent Gabourel (Megabytes); 4th Preston Martinez (Bel-Cal); 5th Daniel Cano (Santino’s); 6th Barney Brown (Scotiabank); 7th Fred Usher; 8thh Mark Reid (Santino’s, 1st “B”); 9th Ryan Willoughby (Caribbean Tires, 2nd “B”); 10th Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G); 11th Clarence Tescum (Santino’s, 3rd “B”); 12th Steven Robinson (Caribbean Tires, 4th “B”); 13th Andrew Vasquez (BFSC-El Pescador); 14th Alicia Thompson (Megabytes); 15th Arden Garay (BFSC-El Pescador, 5th “B”); 16th Ernest Olivera (FT Williams, 6th “B”); 17th Isaiah Willacey (FT Williams); 18th Charles Garay, Sr. (BFSC-El Pescador, 7th “B”); 19th Gilberto Acosta (Spinnaz, 8th “B”); 20th Ken Gladden (Scotiabank).

CFB Elites/Masters (30 laps) – 1st Geovanni Lovell (Digicell-4G Elite, 1:10:06); 2nd Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray, 1:13:10); 3rd Joel Vanegas (Digicell-4G Elite, st); 4th John Borland (Digicell-4G Elite, st); 5th Balam (Chetumal); 6th Ron Vasquez (Cayo); 7th Geovanni Choto (Cayo); 8th Tariq Flowers (Benny’s); 9th Mark Staine (Smart); 10th Kaydine Pinelo (Smart); 11th Sean Codd; 12th Nissan Arana (O.W.); 13th Angel Tzib (Cayo); 14th Herman Requena (Smart); 15th Jose Choto (Cayo, 1st Masters); 16th Robert Mariano (Digicell-4G, 2nd Masters); 17th Richard Santiago; 18th Erwin Middleton (Digicell-4G Elite); 19th Ron McKenzie.

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