Headline — 16 June 2015 — by Kareem Clarke
Allison Williams, 28, gunned down on Partridge St. Extension

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 15, 2015–Last Friday night, shortly after 9:35, the explosive sound of multiple gunshots alerted residents in the Partridge Street Extension area of Belize City that, given the trend, a murder had just happened.

Moments later, an apparently lifeless body was spotted lying face-down in a pool of blood in front of a late-model grey Mazda car which was parked in front of #1011 Partridge Street Extension.

While area residents who rushed to the scene were unable to initially discern the identity of the victim, relatives and friends who received the news and went to the area soon declared that it was Allison “Wally” Williams, 28, a resident of Rivero Street, Belize City.

According to police, Williams was socializing with two female friends of the abovementioned address when he was accosted by a gunman who shot him several times in the head and body.

Williams was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:00 that night.

Today, Amandala spoke with his common-law wife, who told us that they believe that he was probably lured to his death by the persons whom he went to visit. She explained that she and Williams were at their Rivero Street home after attending a funeral earlier that day when he got a text and left under peculiar circumstances.

She said, “It was already after 9:00, so I asked him, ‘who di text you?’ and he said that it was his neighbor and told me that he was going to play games and smoke with the neighbor. He told me to get ready so he could take me out, but he doesn’t go to the club or anywhere [of that sort] at night. So I told him that I don’t have any money and I went to see if my friend was going to go with me.

“She told me that her baby was not asleep as yet, so I texted him and told him to come pick me up [from my friend’s house]. He did not text back [right away], but he called at around 9:35 p.m. and told me that he won the boledo and said, ‘Babe, I di come now’, but when he told me that, he was not at home any at all.”

A few moments later, she received a devastating call from someone who informed her that Williams had just been murdered.

“When I texted him, apparently he was at the person’s house and at about 9:38 p.m., the phone rang again, and a female voice said, ‘your husband dead, he deh pan di ground pan Partridge Street,’” Williams’ common-law wife further recounted.

“When I asked who it was, the phone cut off. Then the person called back shortly after, but she was crying, and she told again, ‘they just killed your husband’, so I screamed out and got a ride to the hospital, but he wasn’t there. That’s when we went to the scene and I saw him on the ground”, she told us, in sorrow.

The wife said that she stood in disbelief as forensic personnel processed the scene, but clearly heard when neighbors were muttering that he was in the presence of a female companion when the shooting happened, and that his gold chain, money and other accessories were in her possession.

The items were later recovered; however, she suspects that the female friend “may have known something,” since she was there at the time of the murder.

“I believe that she knows [about his death] because she called and texted him to leave his home”, she remarked.

She also mentioned that during the past two weeks, Williams had indicated that his life was under threat, but did not say from whom.

She also acknowledged that he had had run-ins with the law in the past, but emphasized that he had not been in police custody since 2012.

During a press briefing today, Officer Commanding Precinct 2 Police Formation, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, told us that investigators do not believe that the murder was gang-related, and that no motive has been established for the incident as yet.

They have also not been able to determine whether Williams was followed to the area on Friday.

Dawson did note that the deceased had been arrested for varied offences in the past such as drug trafficking and attempted murder.

Police said that their investigations into the incident are underway, and while they have been able to ascertain that the suspect is a fair-skinned individual, no one has been arrested as yet in connection with the crime.

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