International — 28 January 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
American fugitive with roots in Belize surrenders to police in Florida

A fugitive from American law enforcement, who has been on the run since November 30 on a murder charge for the death of his wife, has been captured.

Edly Atherley, 29, of San Bernadino, California, USA, gave in himself to police officers and the FBI in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, January 25. Atherley is now being held at a Hillsborough County Jail in Florida, waiting to be returned to San Bernadino to face trial.

His wife, Ashley Atherley, 28, was found dead in their home on Sunday, December 1, with her throat slashed.

According to information, Ashley Atherley went to the house for Thanksgiving November 30 last year, and people who became concerned when they did not see her, called police to check on her. When they went into the house, Ashley was found dead in the bathroom. She had been badly beaten and her throat slashed.

However, by the time she was found, Edly Atherley had already fled the area, and police issued a warrant for his arrest. He was suspected to have fled to California, Florida or Belize, where he is known to have friends and relatives.

Ashley’s family told police that he was a possessive and abusive husband who had a history of abusing her. He had been charged for domestic violence in 2008, but the case went down because Ashley did not press charges against him.

The couple had been married for seven years and had two young daughters, who were not at home at the time of the murder. The couple was in the process of separation due to Atherley’s violent behavior.

Ashley’s mother is now trying to get custody of her grandchildren

The FBI had offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to Atherley’s capture. Extensive searches were carried out to find him, including in Belize, during the time he was on the run.

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