Letters — 18 June 2009 — by Andy Jones
June 15, 2009
Dear Editor,
So now we’ve reached another milestone, or have we? It seems that it has taken our health personnel who were investigating the death of my son this long, after investigating an obvious case of neglect, to come to the conclusion that – now hold on to your seats, because I know that this almost blew me and my wife away: My wife was not at fault for the death of her own child.
Thank you, everyone at Ministry of Health, but we already knew that. 
Next, they have also come to the conclusion that my wife had a spontaneous delivery. That there was no one there who would have been able to detect this, is still a mystery to me.
Also, that they were over-burdened with one patient and my wife. It seemed that the rule is only one delivery at a time is allowed on the night shift. I guess my wife drew the short straw and lost.
Are they expecting me to swallow this? I mean, my most complicated piece of equipment on my farm is a chainsaw. It’s broken down and I can’t figure out why. But I had the common sense to see my wife was in labor and I needed to get her to a hospital.
If the obvious signs of her about to deliver our baby were as obvious to an idiot like me, it should have been more than obvious to them. Oh, I remember why they didn’t see it. It’s because they didn’t give a damn.
So now, they mention being short-staffed. Well, I wish they would have told me that when I entered the hospital. You see, I love my wife and guarantee you I would have found her a midwife, or even a veterinarian, to help deliver her baby.
I mean, my baby was left to die like a dog, right? Do these people think that just because I left my wife in the hospital I didn’t care about her?   Don’t they know the reason I took her there in the first place was to be taken care of, not for her to be left to almost die and for them to neglect my son so he had to suffer for seven days before he died? 
Are these people for real? Is this nightmare I’m living ever going to end, or will it just continue?
We also asked why the people responsible for not taking care of my wife that night are not talking to us. It seems that courtesy will probably be denied to us. I know that if I hit someone while driving, I would most definitely stop and rush to render service to them, at the least see if they were OK and if we needed to go somewhere for help.
But no, my son was the victim of a hit-and-run, in a manner of speaking. But the not-so-funny thing is we know who did it and their boss is helping them cover the accident.
Wow, that’s what I call dedication to your employees.   Take note, all you bosses out there. Or maybe the Ministry of Health is hoping I’m too stupid to figure all this out on my own. 
I, Andy Jones, and wife Cenaida Reymundo, along with my two-year-old daughter, are asking for an independent investigation into this matter. I wonder if the police would ask the thief after breaking into a house to do an investigation into the burglary. It seems that’s what happened here, and are we surprised at the outcome?
With God at our side we would like to thank everyone for taking time to read our letters. 
Andy Jones

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