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An angry letter to P.M. from a Mayan Belizean

March 13, 2016
Government of Belize
Attn: Prime Minister Dean O Barrow
Independence Hill,
Belmopan City,
Cayo District

Dear Sir:
Kindly note: this is not a diplomatic note. It is out of rage and as a true Belizean that I write this letter to you and for the world to know.

I am a Mayan Belizean and have been living in Toledo since I was born. Obviously, you already know that my letter is an angry one. As a Belizean who has visited most of the cornerstones of this beautiful country, the same corner stones you have never visited in your life, I have all rights to say to you, Sir, that you need to step down.

At this point, it is safe to say to you that you continue to lead my country, Belize, in the wrong direction. You continue to fail in protecting this nation and me. What is even more damning is that you fail and drown in your own lies. You do not live in Toledo, so you wouldn’t know. You do not visit Toledo or any of its villages so you wouldn’t know. You don’t care about Toledo so you wouldn’t know.

My voice is one out of many but I can assure I can be heard. Maybe others are afraid to let you know how disappointed they are, but I am not. Keep on distracting Belizeans by giving them junk to fill their stomach and cosmetic to paint their true colors and how they feel. I am not happy and I am sure many others are not happy about your way of handling this “territorial dispute.” You continue to take the people of Toledo for granted; it has been clearly shown that you have given us up in front of our very eyes.

You choose people who are defenseless to run this country. You choose men who are dependent on you. You have taken advantage of the illiterate and the soft spoken.

Therefore, I am hereby demanding you to come forward and release all information and hidden agreements you have made with Guatemala since you became the reigning Prime Minister. I demand that you release all information prior to your resignation, because yes you will resign.

As a Belizean and daughter of the soil, I am reiterating to you once more that you have no sense of national pride; you blame Belizeans for standing up because you and your Cabinet have failed miserably. I say cut all ties with Guatemala. I say NO TO ICJ.

Dah soh I feel,


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