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The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) lost a golden opportunity to increase the political discomfort of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) when the PUP rushed to support the pro-LGBT ruling of the Belize Supreme Court on Wednesday, August 10, 2016.

Played at its highest level, politics is not about the personal opinions or preferences of the principals. Politics is about establishing positions which the majority of the people (adult voters) support. Politics is always about numbers, majority numbers: 51 means power; 49 amounts to defeat.

It is many years since the Belizean people have marched in numbers in the population center or the new capital. Yet, the explosive issues have come fast and furious – Elvin Penner, rosewood, Chiquibul, Sarstoon, Harmonyville, Petrocaribe, BTL, William Danny Mason, and now, issue of all issues – the homosexual law.

The reason why the homosexual law is the issue of all issues is because the August 10 ruling thereon is the only issue in recent memory which strikes at the heart of the religious beliefs of the majority of the Belizean people. We have spent many years explaining to you how the political system in Belize is structured around the mind control in the primary and secondary schools, with almost all these schools being operated by foreign Christian denominations with their headquarters outside of Belize. Historically, no political party has been able to challenge for leadership of the Belizean nation without publicly endorsing what is referred to here as the “church-state” educational system. The state (which is to say, we, the people) pays, and the churches teach.

The vast majority of Belizeans will spend at least a few years in primary school, where they will learn about God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ. Half of the Belizean children born each year have their formal education end after they leave primary school. These form the core of Belize’s God-fearing electorate. The other half of the Belizean children, who spend a year or more in high school, have the basic Christian education they have received in primary school, refined by the more powerful Christian churches which run the secondary schools.

Now here comes an issue, the August 10 ruling on the homosexual law, where the ruling UDP finds itself at odds with a large, militant body of Christians, who are led by the Roman Catholic Church and the evangelical Christians. The Roman Catholics comprise the largest Christian congregation in Belize, and the evangelical Christians are Belize’s fastest growing group, and they own the most radio and television stations in Belize. It was because of great pressure from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, that the UDP Government of Belize essentially supported Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s August 10 ruling. This was something no Belizean electoral politician would have wanted to do. The UDP had to do it: the PUP, however, chose to do it. How does one figure? We repeat: there has never been an issue like this before in Belizean politics.

In the settlement of Belize, the Anglican Church established the first primary school in 1814 or so. This was about twenty years before slaves in Belize were freed. The Methodist Church followed the Anglicans into the primary school business in the 1830s or so, and after the Caste War of 1847 had Roman Catholic refugees pour into the Northern Districts of Belize from Mexico’s Yucatan, the Catholics began establishing primary and secondary schools here in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Our understanding of references in the Holy Bible to the anti-Christ says that the Anti-Christ comes in the guise of the Christ, so much so that the faithful can be deceived if they are not informed and vigilant. The Anti-Christ comes in the appearance of Christ. The Anti-Christ is a deceiver. The Anti-Christ is a con man. The Anti-Christ is a predator. The Anti-Christ is a vampire. Belizeans are not a sophisticated people; we are not informed and vigilant. We have been easily deceived in the past.

At this newspaper, what we have dedicated ourselves to doing is informing the people of Belize and increasing our vigilance. There is one who may be described as an Anti-Christ who came here from England in 1985. He was an insightful figure who soon figured out who were the key players in Belize and where they were located. He came on to those key players with money and gifts, and he seduced key players from the two major political parties. He made them into Anti-Christs like himself: the Belizeans who were seduced, continued to appear as sincere as they had seemed before their seduction. They still appeared to be of the Christ, but in reality they had become Anti-Christs. This is what some naïve Christians outraged by the August 10 ruling cannot figure out: Anti-Christ comes in the appearance of the Christ.

Let’s give one example. A multimillionaire Belizean attorney sought this newspaper’s political support in the February 2008 general elections. His opponent was another attorney, the PUP incumbent area representative, who had made known his allegiance to the English Anti-Christ. It was, at the time, an easy decision for us: we supported the UDP candidate, who won the Belize City seat in question.

Within a few weeks of his victory and having entered the new UDP Cabinet as a high-ranking Minister, however, our boy publicly accepted a gift of $200,000 from the English Anti-Christ. Remember now, Christians, our boy is a member of a prominent Christian congregation. And remember again, he is a multimillionaire: he is not in need of the Anti-Christ’s money.

Belizeans, these are the types of human beings who sit in the Cabinet of Belize. They come to you in the appearance of the Christ, but truly they are not. Belizeans, we have sold our souls to the Devil, and our political leaders have led the way. So let it be written, verily, as indeed it has been done.

Power to the people. Remember Danny Conorquie – murdered at Caracol in cold blood on September 25, 2014.

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