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Atrocious rape of 17-month-old toddler

MASKALL, Belize District, Thurs. Mar. 1, 2018– Belizeans across the length and breadth of the country were stunned today when news broke of the barbaric and inhumane sexual abuse of a 17-month-old baby girl. The child was left in the company of her mother’s boyfriend in Maskall yesterday morning, when she was vaginally and anally raped. The mother had reportedly gone to work and left the child sleeping at home.

Today, the child remains hospitalized, on life support, after doctors at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) performed surgery on her head to address internal bleeding on her brain.

In a press conference held today, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Alejandro Cowo, revealed that the boyfriend of the child’s mother has been detained pending investigations.

This crime has sent shockwaves throughout the Belizean community, and the public’s anger has been registered on radio, television, and social media.

Attorney Lisa Shoman, posted to Facebook, “The horrific rape of a baby is profoundly shocking and absolutely horrific. If she survives, she will be utterly scarred for life.”

She added, “We are living in a cesspit. One baby shot, one baby violated. And the political carnival continues business as usual.”

Audrey Matura, another attorney, also posted to Facebook. “I weep for my country … The sexual violation of a 17-month-old girl child is the manifestation of how low our country has reached,” she said.

A proponent of hanging told us today that the perpetrator should be flogged to within an inch of his life, and then hanged.

As we go to press tonight, police have said that they have not yet made any arrests.

Today, Thursday, March 1, marks the beginning of Child Stimulation Month.

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