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Attacks the Public Service Workers Trust

June 18, 2018

Dear Editor,

I write to express my frustration with the arrogant and disrespectful  behavior of the trustees of the Public Service Workers Trust.

I understand that the issue is before the courts and that a prolonged mediation process is underway. However, we the beneficiaries of the trust are frustrated and demand a positive outcome as soon as possible. We, the victims, lost our increments from 1995-1997. Some pensioners have passed away and many others are ill and struggling to survive.  We are not interested in loans or projects – we demand our lost income.

This trust is not a slush fund for the unions to use, abuse and enjoy. We are not union members – we are beneficiaries, thus we demand to be represented on the Board of Trustees.

We also ask the Government of Belize, as our former employer, to get involved in this negotiation.

Through this medium, I am pleading with all beneficiaries to get involved. We must organize and fight for what is rightfully ours. Let us support our committee as much as possible. Let us form Local District Committees and protest the arrogance and abuses of the trustees. As BENEFICIARIES (pensioners/retirees), we must let our voices be heard. We must lobby to protect our interest. Let us call in on the TV/radio morning shows and write letters to the newspapers. Use Facebook if you have an account. LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD NATIONWIDE.

The “trustees/unions” are using the trust fund for projects, loans, etc. We, the beneficiaries, are not eligible for their largesse. They should use union money, and not our hard earned “frozen increments.”  This is an injustice to the elderly.

Mario Chavarria
Social Activist, Punta Gorda Town

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