Editorial — 21 June 2013

The ruling UDP’s claim of 70 per cent victory devastation of the PUP in the recent village council elections will force the Blue back to the proverbial drawing board. Remember, the PUP had been saying that they would come back to national power in Belmopan with their District support, but most of the villages are in the Districts. So where are we now?

You know, in boxing we have seen over the years that the same courage and determination which made men like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, and Larry Holmes great heavyweight champions in their youth, made them look like fools when they aged and stayed around too long. They kept on fighting after they should have exited the stage, gracefully.

The PUP were very confident because of their surprisingly strong performance in the March 2012 general election, and no one could say a word to the contrary. But village council results such as PUP Deputy Leader Dolores Balderamos-Garcia’s crashes in Ladyville, Hattieville, La Democracia, and Mahogany Heights cannot be swept under the Independence Hall rug.

Our discussion of youth and age in the second paragraph was intended to suggest to insiders, obliquely, that one of the PUP problems may be the aging power behind the throne, so to speak. In times past, societies all over the world routinely chose leaders who were in their seventies and their eighties. Maturity to the point of seniority was a definite asset in the old days. In the third millennium, however, old men have to move out of the young people’s way. In this age of lightning-fast information and communication, societies choose leaders in their forties and their fifties. And, they are allowed to lead. Dis ya time da no like befo’ time.

If we said any more or spoke more explicitly, there would be paroxysms of rage amongst the PUP attack dogs. In fact, there may still be. So, we end here, with this suggestion: those with eyes to see, let them read, and then see.

Power to the people.

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