Letters — 17 February 2018
A wish for Belize

Dear Editor,

If it can be visualized, it can be achieved.

What it is that Belize should become, must first be believed.

Don’t think on all the blood — dwell on all the possibilities.

Don’t live in the poverty, think on all the opportunities.

Don’t sit for hours to see the crime-ridden news — watch a program about how you wish Belize to be.

Whatever we dwell on, will attract similar happenings. Let us focus on what Belize needs instead of the negativity of what Belize does not need.

Whether we believe we can move Belize into a new future, or whether we believe it can’t be done, we are correct in both instances.

Let us believe it can be done, attract the “believe” thoughts, visualize how it will be once achieved then start receiving our new destiny.

Kind Regards,
Tony de la Fuente
16 Main Street, Orange Walk Town
Tel: 322-2035

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