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16th March, 2018– What an election! AMANDALA trumpeted PUP BLOWOUT IN BELIZE CITY, ORANGE WALK and COROZAL! A blocked off banner proclaimed:  PUP snatched the grand prize, Belize City, – turf of the UDP’s most powerful ministers.

Not surprisingly, pointing to their superior numbers in the west, south, deep south, and offshore – 41 seats out of 67 total, the UDP retiring leader claimed victory.

One week before friends had asked me who would win. My answer: “If PUP sweeps the north and four constituencies in Belize City, they will consider it a WIN!”  How many did they win – SIX? SEVEN?

Now the political pundits will do their spinning. Some favouring the RED will spurn them for not spending more to buy more votes. It seems that we have become so materialistic that our leaders and thinkers see the influences of the senses in all that we do. Certainly, the UDP championed its superiority, campaigning on what they had built: concrete streets, huge, showy buildings in Belize City and every district that they won. They completely ignored the quality of life issues. The needs of pedestrians, lack of proper drainage, proper care of empty spaces…. They thought that the glamour of the CIVIC would overwhelm voters, and they would place their marks solidly after the RED names. They completely underestimated the power of man’s soul and spirit.

But the deep, glorious power of humanity had been aroused by the AMANDALA Editorial of Tuesday, March 6.  Commenting on the heinous rape of a 17-month-old baby, a voice of the Holy Spirt said: “what has set in amongst Belizeans is a kind of insanity. This is what occurred in peaceful Maskall – an act of total frigging insanity…induced by men and agencies whose greed and evil Belizeans could not have imagined…” These were words, anointed words, that were so reminiscent of a most powerful critique of the degenerate pagan world of Rome of two thousand years ago.

“Therefore, God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another.” Romans 1: 26-27.

Of course, the sacrilege forced upon a mere infant was spewed upon our shores from the ugliest, most sinful corruptions of Hell. Powerful Red voices condemning failed to connect the dots between the very sick soul of its perpetrator and the spirit of their enthusiastic promoters of Pro Choice and the devilish LGBT Agenda being pushed in our schools by our Ministry of Education.

What an election! Even Satan can claim victory! Southern Belize all followed the darkness of Lucifer. A few hours before the polling started a 4-year-old innocent was cruelly violated in one of their Toledo villages. What could have been a protest vote may now be interpreted as approval.

Unfortunately, we must assign the biggest prize for obtuseness to the West. The shameful, dishonest land scam of one of their big leaders received a huge acclamation of consent and encouragement. Millions of dollars of tax payers hard earned money poured into the private accounts of family and friends. Que viva la corupcion!

Outgoing Mayor Bradley saw the light and withdrew, following the light of a maternal angel instead of the dark, intoxicating fumes of another relative.

I am so proud of my Belize City where for six years I promoted quality of life issues. Most blessed it has been, for the Founder of the nation also served, giving us the greatest example of servant leadership. His greatest claim to glory may be that when he left politics, he was poorer than when he entered. What he owned at the end of his life had all been inherited!

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