Letters — 26 April 2017
Belizeans worse than Guatemalans?

Dear Sirs,

Belize’s waterways are under threat from…Belizeans.

Don’t worry about a few poor Mayans trying to survive on land that was stolen from them. What is a mother going to do when  her child steps on a broken bottle in one of our waterways?

We can’t eat the fish because of sewage in the rivers. The rivers flood because we have destroyed the land holding the  banks in place. The waterways won’t support wildlife anymore (iguanas, fish, turtles, crocodiles, birds), because the water is diverted for  a few big farmers or for commercial purposes, or that stupid dam.

These problems affect thousands of Belizeans; the gold panners or tree-cutters are the least of Belizes problems. Belizeans need to get their house in order before they worry about Guatemalans.

Also, why does the “justice system” release murderers to kill again (Shaylon Santos)? Why are Belizeans so afraid to do the right thing and turn in murderers? Why are our youth killing each other? Why is there nothing for them to do except get drunk and have babies?

This is what I would like to see more attention paid to in your publication. I could care less about a few gold miners or timber-cutters, or gossip about public officials.


Joseph Thomas

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