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Beloved, scuttlebutt is scuttlebutt …


It must be that in this day and age my efforts within the trade union movement are ill conceived or simply not known.  Nonetheless I take serious umbrage to the inferences drawn in your recent article regarding me and the current administration. It was not until I read that article that I knew that the Barrow administration was rooting for me to be president.  This is fresh news and would have been grateful to at least know.

The second statement draws a serious inference to suggest that I am controlled by the UDP administration,  If this is the view of the Amandala crew, I would deem you to be  misguided without more.  Perhaps it would have served all of our interest had a simple conversation been held with me about the state of affairs between both the Congress and PSU, so that misinformation and statements bordering on slandering are not so freely tendered.

For the record I am not a crony of any of the parties. I am a trade unionist who believes that evaluation and righteousness among other things must start with self, before we embark upon fixing another man’s house.  It is unfortunate that the unions find themselves where they are, but when they remember the agenda and delete the self righteousness and get back to the business of the people, only then will there be real unification.

“…scuttlebutt was that the Barrow administration wanted Jackie Willoughby to become the new NTUCB leader. Floyd Neal is not looked upon with favor by the UDP government, hence the coincidence of his union being divided is probably no coincidence at all.”

Respectfully submitted,

Jacqueline Willoughby JP

The fire that burns inside of me is greater than the fire that burns around me

(Ed. NOTE: Dearest, beloved Jackie, scuttlebutt is scuttlebutt …. bless up.)

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