Editorial — 28 December 2012

There is an attitude in the city on the part of some roots that they are owed something for the Christmas holidays. This is an attitude engendered and encouraged by the PUDP politicians, but such an attitude has now spread to the point where it introduces seasonal sourness into the relationships between some haves and some have nots.

The politico-economic system we have in this country is free market democratic capitalism. It essentially guarantees inequality, to the point of oppression. This is what Christianity, it appears, brought to the table, and almost all Belizeans say they are Christians. It is intrinsic to the politico-economic system we have implemented that some accumulate more, do better, than others. But, a mindset has developed in some Belizeans that the system owes them Christmas, and if their more fortunate neighbor does not cater to that mindset, then the vibes become bitter.

Overall, it is sad how we live in this community nowadays. There is something fundamentally wrong here. Most Belizeans, rich and poor, are obsessed with shopping in Chetumal. The vibes are not bitter in Chetumal. Why are the vibes in Belize City and Chetumal so different? What is the difference between Belizean nationalism and Mexican nationalism? Why do we Belizeans scorn ourselves and our city while the people of Chetumal love and cherish their municipality?

In the absence of hard evidence to the contrary, we have to place major blame on the doorsteps of the schools. Just what the hell are our children being taught? Listen, nowadays these children start going to pre-school from they are three years old. They spend more time with their teachers than with their parents. Okay, okay, we are exaggerating. But, you get the point.

Whenever you hear some boring politician telling you all about how much good the church-state system has done for Belize, just consider the difference between Chetumal and Belize City. Everything is much better in Chetumal. Somebody better start explaining why. This is sick.

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