Headline — 04 September 2015 — by Albert J. Ciego
“Boy killer” emptied gun into tattoo customer

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Sept. 3, 2015–The never-ending gun violence in Belize City continues.

   At about 2:30 this afternoon, Glenford Vernon, 26, of Cran Street, was executed while getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop on Castle Street.

   Vernon was shot multiple times by a boy – about 15 years old – as he was sitting in a chair getting the tattoo. The youthful killer then walked out of the shop with the gun in his hand, ran into Lancaster Street and disappeared into the area.

     The neighbors reported that they saw two men – a boy and an older man – coming down Lancaster Street toward Castle Street, and both were on a single bicycle. They stopped a short distance from Castle Street, and the older man took out a gun and gave it to the boy.

    The boy hesitated, and according to those who saw him, there was reluctance on his part. The man insisted and the boy took the gun and walked into Castle Street and went into the tattoo shop. The neighbors said that one shot exploded first, and thereafter, they heard six more shots.

  The neighbors at first thought that it was the tattoo artist who had been shot. They ran over to the shop, but found that it was Glenford Vernon, who lived on Cran Street, who had been shot.

   According to the neighbours, he had been shot in the chest, both hands, his leg and his stomach. He was not yet dead, however, and he asked them to help him and he was able to walk out to the gate.

       A police mobile unit arrived almost immediately, the residents said, but did not take him to get medical attention.

       A second mobile unit came shortly after and took him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At the time, he was gasping for air, they said. They also noted that during the time he was waiting for the second mobile unit he was still breathing, but shortly after, his breath was not audible.

       They believe that he was already dead when he was loaded into the second mobile unit. His body has been taken to the morgue, where it awaits a post-mortem exam to certify the cause of death.

       Vernon’s mother, Angela Francis of the Scenes of Crime Unit of the police, said that he had “cleaned off” and had gone to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo on the neck. He left home on a bicycle, but the whereabouts of the bicycle and his cellphone are unknown.

       Police have begun the investigation, but so far, they have not yet found the boy killer and his partner in crime.

       Glenford Vernon’s death occurred five days after Malique Dixon of Mahogany Street Extension was shot and killed as he was riding his bicycle on Flamboyant Street towards Vernon Street, at about 8:30 Saturday night.

       As far as we’ve been able to ascertain, Vernon’s only brush with the law was a gun charge, which was dropped when it was discovered that it was a pellet gun that he had in his possession, and not a firearm.

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