Letters — 24 October 2014
Bring back the beauty of Hopkins

Dear Editor,

I want to thank all who allowed me to make the TV, radio, and the Amandala newspaper. Not bad for a village gal talking about the need for assistance with the death of the Hopkins coastline. I will not give up to rebuild the beach in Hopkins back.

Hopefully, it is reaching the right people, in government, the right organizations, the environmentalists, people of positive strengths that we need for the rebirth of rebuilding the coastline in Hopkins. Mountains have been moved, our beaches have been destroyed, let’s change history!! We want Hopkins beach back.

The flowers are trying to give beauty where it is lacking, as a contrast in front of Cool Spot, a real hurting spot at Kismet. The once pathway to the lagoon, now is completely gone. Bright colors help make a difference, but REBUILDING the missing berm is the answer; we must unite; any ideas, volunteers, sand bags, donations of truckloads of rock and gravel greatly welcomed.

We need to bring back the beauty of Hopkins ASAP.

Thank You,

Tricia Wipfler
Kismet Inn

651 9368

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