Features — 25 January 2017 — by Bernard E. Bulwer
Building Belize’s “People-Potential”

Boston, MA, January 22, 2017–“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (MATT 12:25)

Life has taught me, like all of us, many things. One of these things has stood the test of time. It is an engineering principle, which is also a spiritual principle, which I can paraphrase as: “You cannot build a solid structure on a shaky foundation”. Remember the account of the wise versus the foolish builders? The wise man built his house upon the rock, and the foolish man built his house upon sand.

Belize is a very special and unique nation—with potential and wealth untold. However, its greatest wealth lies in its people … both at home and abroad! I wish I am wrong. I really do. Because the road that I see ahead for our beloved nation is not a pretty picture—and I’m not simply referring to Belize’s national debt, which I consider the culmination of attitudes cultivated in post-Independence Belize.

I have close friends and colleagues from nations like South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, to name a few. These nations have all faced threats to their national sovereignty past, present and future. What they have in common is that they want their nation and their people to be proud and strong. They educate their peoples to the max, they don’t preside over the never-ending slaughter of their youth in their own streets. They all welcome and engage, not marginalize, their Diaspora. They are builders and lenders, not borrowers. PROVERBS 22:7 tells you that, “The borrower is a slave to the lender.”

And please, don’t tell me rubbish like, “It’s because of our small population.” This is actually a blessing. What we lack is true love and ideas, and a willingness to love and look out for each other, and harness ideas proven to work, tailored to work, and build our beloved nation.

A nation can only “play games” for so long. Belize’s chickens are coming home to roost. And the vultures are waiting …

These vultures know that Belize is a Paradise. For them, it’s Belize’s strategic location and its natural resources … not its people! This conjures up imagery of a population eviscerated … subjugated, mired in debt … a nation gutted of its vitality, which rests in its people, both at home and abroad.

Belize’s “Superbond” is a minor issue to overcome IF our country brings ALL its peoples on board. I know what I am saying, I deal with people who can even write such checks. But Belize’s long-term answer lies not in simply writing a check … and continuing with business as usual. Rather it lies in re-writing the way Belizean attitudes, national vision, and politics operate, which I consider a type of self-cannibalism, with a very predictable end.

Again, I wish I am wrong, for our children’s sake!

My fellow Belizeans, this is not a “feel-good” message, but “the writing is on the wall.” There are patients who don’t want to know the truth, hiding their heads in the sand, thinking that ignorance is bliss. However, there are those patients who wish that their doctors level with them, shoot straight, and prescribe strong medicine—even radical surgery if needed.

Those “in the know” should understand that the following lyrics of “Vultures” by the Jamaican group, Israel Vibration, is reality. This is the law of the real-world jungle in which we live. “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear”:

“Run bredda rat, bredda puss after you
Run bredda puss, bredda dog after you
Tell me what you really gonna do
What you gonna do?
The cat chased the mouse
While the dog raced the cat around the corner
The vultures are waiting to see the great slaughter
So they can fly down and clean up after
While the big guys sit up over yonder
having all the laughter
While they laugh
Sipping champagne
Having all the best of wine
They assemble to mess up your mind
I ah oh ya
What you gonna do now?

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