General — 07 March 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

Police said the lowboy driver appeared drunk

At about 9:00 last night on the Philip Goldson Highway in Biscayne, an alert and quick-thinking driver of a BBOC passenger bus averted a collision with a tandem truck, probably saving the lives of his passengers and preventing untold damage to his bus.

The bus driver told police that about 9:00 last night he was traveling in his BBOC bus from Orange Walk to Belize City, when upon arrival at Biscayne he saw a lowboy swerving across the road and coming towards his bus. He immediately took evasive action and drove off the road to avoid a collision.

He reported the matter, and police say that a vehicle checkpoint was set up at the Burrell Boom junction where, around 9:30 p.m., a blue International towhead truck with license plates L/P A-2825 that was towing a red trailer with license plate TO199 coming from the direction of Orange Walk toward Ladyville, was stopped.

Police said that the driver was pulled over and he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. His name was ascertained to be Felicito Sho, a 40-year-old Belizean truck driver of 90 Curl Thompson St., Belize City. Sho was then escorted along with the truck to the Ladyville Police Station, where he was arrested and charged for the offense of driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit.

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