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C-Ray Cycling Club Youth Summer Series 2014 Week 2 results

Week 2 races were held yesterday, Sunday, in the C-Ray Cycling Club’s Youth Summer Series 2014 at the Marine Parade starting at 1:00 p.m.



Tiny Mites (3-5 yrs) –

1st Kyron Staine;
2nd Jayden Tillett;
3rd Damine Myles;
4th Kaelie Burgess;
5th Jadah Muschamp.

Tiny Mites (6-8 yrs) –

1st James Lewis;
2nd Richard Hoare III;
3rd Jose Guerra;
4th Daejon Myles.

Female (under 10 yrs) –

1st Abbie Leslie;
2nd Gabriel Gabourel.

Female (over 10 yrs) –

1st Jamie Muschamp;
2nd Bonita Chavarria.

Category ‘C’ (9-12 yrs) –

1st Derrick Chavarria;
2nd Gian Lovell;
3rd Chauncey Broaster;
4th James Lewis;
5th Dereck Brown.

Category ‘B’ (13-15 yrs) –

1st Darien Anderson;
2nd Kaydin Pinedo;
3rd Patrick Williams;
4th Shawn Codd;
5th Brian Sutherland.

Category ‘A’ (16-18 yrs) –

1st Kaydin Pinedo;
2nd Darien Anderson;
3rd Stephen Cabral;
4th Philip Grajalez;
5th Joslyn Chavarria, Jr.

Cyclists were awarded points based on their finish position in their respective categories:

1st place – 12 pts;
2nd place – 10 pts;
3rd place – 8 pts;
4th place – 6 pts;
5th place – 4 pts;
6th – last place – 1 pt.

Points standings after the first two weeks of racing are as follows:

TINY MITES (3-5 yrs) –

Kyron Staine 24 pts;
Jayden Tillett 20 pts;
Kaelie Burgess 14 pts;
Damine Myles 8 pts;
Auriyah Banks 7 pts;
Jadah Muschamp 6 pts.

TINY MITES (6-8 yrs) –

James Lewis 24 pts;
Kent Garbutt 10 pts;
Richard Hoare 10 pts;
Jose Guerra 8 pts;
Daejon Myles 6 pts.

FEMALE (under 10 yrs) –

Abbie Leslie 24 pts;
Gabriel Gabourel 20 pts.

FEMALE (over 10 yrs) –

Bonita Chavarria 22 pts;
Jamie Muschamp 22 pts.

CAT ‘C’ (9-12 yrs) –

Gian Lovell 22 pts;
Chauncey Broaster 14 pts;
Derrick Brown 12 pts;
Dereck Chavarria 12 pts;
Deon Young 11 pts;
James Lewis 7 pts;
Markell Mahler 5 pts;
Jahmai Scott 2 pts;
Malcolm Mahler 2 pts;
Goran Gabourel 1 pt.

CAT ‘B’ (13-15 yrs) –

Darien Anderson 24 pts;
Patrick Williams 18 pts;
Brian Sutherland 12 pts;
Kaydin Pinedo 11 pts;
Andrew Green 7 pts;
Shawn Codd 6 pts;
Juninio Santiago 5 pts;
Gerson Lovell 2 pts;
Gian Lovell 2 pts;
Jaleel Jenkins 2 pts.

CAT ‘A’ (16-18 yrs) –

Stephen Cabral 16 pts;
Delawn Abraham 12 pts;
Kaydin Pinedo 12 pts;
Philton Butler 11 pts;
Darien Anderson 11 pts;
Patrick Williams 7 pts;
Philip Grajalez 6 pts;
Fred Sandoval 5 pts;
Joslyn Chavarria, Jr. 4 pts;
Anthony Marin 2 pts.

Next week Sunday, August 3, will be a rest week, as the organizers and some participants will be supporting the Western Region at the Belmopan Day Circuit Race.

(Information and pictures courtesy Kaya Cattouse)

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