Letters — 18 July 2018
Calumny of a quisling?

Dear Editor,

So, our illustrious Foreign Minister refers to Belizean patriots as “crazy.” He should be careful about name calling. This is the same character who violated the trust the Belizean people placed in him to represent their best interests, and instead has bent his efforts toward helping the Guatemalans abscond with land title to Belize.

He blathers on about what a great and kind and good neighbor Guatemala has been to us. Has he never viewed the havoc the Guatemalans are wreaking in our national forests?

Where was he when Guatemalan bandits murdered Danny Conorquie?

And now the Americans have kicked in a quarter of a million dollars to “educate” (coerce) us to the ICJ.

The fix is in. Belize is led like a lamb to the slaughter. How is it that we have come to this? Through the calumny of a quisling Foreign Minister.

Dean Wayland

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