General Headline — 09 January 2007 — by Anita Nembhard
Central Bank sec shot at by lover!
Jodie Myvett, 23, a receptionist/secretary at the Central Bank of Belize, is lucky to be alive tonight after being shot at by her boyfriend, Mark Medina, 22.
Myvett told police that sometime after 11:00 p.m., on Saturday, January 6, while at the corner of Plues and Dean Streets, Medina beat her up, ripping open her blouse as a result. He slapped her twice in the face with a gun, then pointed it to her head and threatened to kill her, she said.
Myvett backed away after the threat. Medina, she told police, then fired a shot in her direction, and she ran. He then fired three more shots, but fortunately for her, she escaped unhurt.
Myvett believes that Medina’s action was sparked by jealousy, because he strongly believed that she was with another man that night.
This morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, Medina was charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm against Myvett.
He was denied bail and remanded to the Hattieville Prison until February 8.
This morning Amandala spoke with Jodie Myvett, who told us about her frightening experience.
According to Myvett, for the past four years of their relationship, with all the ups-and-downs, she has never seen her boyfriend behave this way.
Between 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night, before she met him at the corner of the streets, Myvett claimed that Medina called her over 50 times, annoyed because she had not reached home yet. Myvett lives with her mother, and Medina usually “hangs out” about two blocks from where she lives.
Saturday night Jodie went out with two friends to the Riverside Tavern. Afraid that trouble was coming because of the tone of his voice when he called, Jodie had her friends drop her at the corner of Plues and Dean Streets.
Still in the vehicle, she could not see him at first, so she called him on her cell phone. Her friends’ vehicle had not left yet, and she then heard an echo on her phone – “Get out the f—king vehicle.” 
She came out, and the vehicle left.
Medina, she said, then came out of a dark area at the corner of the lane. He came straight to her and grabbed her in her blouse.
“Yu di teck me fu wa fool an wa ass,” and then he punched her in the right side of her face.
She pushed him off, then he came back, grabbed her again and slapped her, and ripped her blouse.
Jodie struggled with him, and she managed to push him away. That was when, she said, he threatened her, telling her he would kill her, and pulled out a gun.
Medina cocked the gun and put it to her head, said Jodie, and she started to cry and began begging him not to kill her.
That was when he took the gun and slapped her on the left side of her face.
Jodie said that she began backing up again, and began screaming out loud, because there were people on the street. She even saw two soldiers in uniform up the street, but no one came to her rescue. Medina fired at her, and she then ran, whereupon Medina, she said, fired three more shots at her.
Jodie ran the two blocks to her house and called police.
She told Amandala that she will press charges. Medina, she repeated, had never done this to her before, and this was the end of the relationship. She should have listened to her mother, she added, who never liked Medina because of his bad reputation.
Medina has seven convictions, including one for escape.

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