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Chief’s Thursday Race of January 25, 2018

SportsChief’s Thursday Race of January 25, 2018

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan.25, 2018– It rained around 5 o’clock this morning, but 24 riders still showed up; and by our start time of 6 a.m., there was not a drop falling from the sky; and so the race was off.

Ernest “Peenie” Bradley has been riding extremely aggressively recently, and today was no exception, as he attacked from the GUN, getting away with Carlton “Bubble Head” Robinson. These 2 held out the peloton all the way to Hattieville; but the Heads of State in the peloton, such as Brandon Cattouse, Hijo, the Baddest, et al, put in a furious chase, keeping the speed up to 27 mph in the headwind, thus closing in on the 2 front runners mile by mile.

By the time we turned at Hattieville, they were already in our “gunsight,” holding just under a 30-second advantage. I guess, the sign that Peenie gave the peloton at the turnaround motivated them more, and now the breeze was in our back. The speed immediately skyrocketed to 30 mph; and a mile after the turn, we had caught Bubble Head. Two miles later, we caught Peenie. It was now a brand new race.

Unfortunately, from the check point at Mile 4, the traffic was crazy, and even more so when we hit the Chetumal Street Roundabout. This was not a sprint for the faint of heart, and many did not sprint. For this reason, and always with your SAFETY in mind, starting next week we will START at Leslie’s but end at OLD BELIZE.

I will paint a BOLD LINE there between now and then, and to make up for the distance, we will go 3 miles into the Boom Road to the Horse Farm, turn around and come back to sprint at OLD BELIZE, where it is very wide and much safer. I am using this option instead of going to Data Pro as originally planned, because many riders have told me they must get to school or work.

In the sprint, the top 15 riders were as follows:  1st – Brandon Cat; 2nd Peenie; 3rd Delawn  Abraham; 4th Joshua Fuller; 5th Palas (1st “A” rider); 6th Patrick Williams (1st Junior); 7th Jerrell Wade; 8th Warren Coye; 9th The Baddest; 10th Darian Anderson; 11th Stephen Bisset; 12th Tariq Leslie; 13th Bonnel; 14th David Henderson; 15th Chief (1st “B”).

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