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Clear the fog

Dear Editor,

For too long certain clerics and Catholic Religious women have been making public statements and taking postures which have been causing confusion in the minds of sincere Christian people. I think it is time to clear away the fog and dispel the black smoke.

As far as I know, Almighty God has never abrogated any of His commands to suit man. Certainly, He has not changed His Sixth and Ninth Commandments, which enjoin all men, gay and straight, to live pure and chaste lives; to the married, this means fidelity; to the unmarried, chastity and abstinence.

Before the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930 all Christian churches subscribed to the belief that the use of artificial methods of preventing pregnancy is immoral. This decision taken by vote opened a Pandora’s Box; and since then, the whole world has gone sex crazy.

In Belize certain clerical persons belonging to the Belize Council of Churches keep on inserting themselves into the public forum on sexual matters, giving the impression that they speak for the Council of Churches. I believe this impression must be corrected for the sake of sincere Christians who are being scandalized. In their view the Christian Church is conforming itself to the World instead of seeking to conform the World to Jesus Christ.

It is also puzzling to me how Catholic Religious women no longer seem to take seriously their Vow of Obedience by which they solemnly promised God to obey their religious Superiors. When I was a Jesuit Seminarian, a long time ago, the practice was to regard the voice of the Superior as the voice of God, in accordance with Christ’s own words, “He who hears you, hears Me”.

Both Protestant Clerics and Catholic Religious in their pursuit of Liberal Agenda, instead of providing clear-eyed moral leadership, are adding to the confusion. The last time I checked, I still saw that the way of Christ is the way of truth, and that is the way of the Cross – not of pseudo mercy and compassion.

(Signed) Paul Rodriguez

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