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Clifford Welch, 56, school watchman, beaten and stabbed at work

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 25, 2018– Clifford Samuel Welch, 56, a watchman for the Lake Independence Methodist School located on Mahogany Street, is presently recovering in a stable condition in the surgical ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

Information to us is that at about 3:30 yesterday morning, Welch was conducting routine security checks of the school and was on the verandah of the second floor of the school building when he was approached by about 6 or 7 men.

Welch was then attacked and stabbed 16 times in his chest, abdomen and shoulders and beaten by the men, who then fled the scene empty handed. Welch was left to die of his injuries on the verandah, where he was bleeding profusely.

On our visit to the KHMH today, Welch told us that at about 6:00 in the morning, about 2 ½ hours after the attack, a neighbor from across the street saw his hand on the verandah rail and began to shout for him.

Welch, who remained conscious throughout the ordeal, shouted a reply to the neighbour, and told him to call the ambulance, which went to the scene of the attack, after which the paramedics rushed him to the KHMH.

Welch told us that he lost a lot of blood. We saw three stitches in his head, and some of his teeth had been knocked out. However, he was able to sit on the hospital bed. His wife, who was with him at the KHMH, said that although he was able to sit, the worst is not yet over, because she is worrying about a swelling in his brain due to the massive injuries to his head.

At press time tonight, Welch is still in the KHMH, but there is much anxiety and uncertainty about his recovery.

Police said that on their arrival at the  scene of the attack at about 6:00 yesterday morning, they saw a crowbar, a baseball bat, bottles and some stones, which they believe were used to attack the watchman.

Police believe that the men had gone to steal the school’s electronic equipment when they encountered the watchman. However, nothing belonging to the school was reported stolen.

Police have begun an investigation into the attack, although the attackers have so far not been identified.

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