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Collision on the Patchakan Road

A motorcyclist who slammed into a pickup truck is recovering at the Corozal Hospital from injuries to the head and body.

Aurelio Chimal, 48, a bus driver of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk Town, who was riding the motorcycle, suffered a large cut wound to the forehead, and a swollen left foot. His condition has been declared as serious, but stable.

Police said that about 6:15 yesterday evening, they went to the scene of the accident on the Patchakan Road, between Xaibe village and Patchakan, in the Corozal District. On their arrival they saw a red Nissan pickup on the right hand side of the road. They also saw a black Meilun motorcycle on the same side of the road, on the ground, beside the pickup truck. The motorcycle had a blown front tire, and its front lamp was broken, while the left side of the front of the pickup’s cab and the left side of its pan were damaged.

Allen Ake, 30, of Joseito Layout, Corozal Town, who was the driver of the pickup, reported to police that he was travelling from Patchakan to Corozal Town, and when he arrived in the area between Patachakan and Xaibe, he saw a motorcycle approaching him from the opposite direction.

Ake told police that he tried to avoid the oncoming motorcycle and swerved off the road, but he heard a loud bang. The motorcycle had slammed into the left side of the pan of his pickup, causing the driver of the motorcycle to fall to the ground.

Ake told police that he quickly stopped his vehicle and rushed out to assist the driver, who at that point was lying on the ground and was bleeding.

An ambulance was called from the Corozal Hospital, and the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital.

Ake said that the driver of the motorcycle, who had not been wearing a helmet, had been swerving on the road, as if he was unable to control the motorbike.

Police reported that medico forms were issued, but Chimal’s injuries have not been classified as yet.

Ake has not yet been charged for the road collision.

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