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February 18, 2013

The Editor Amandala

For those who are not aware of the limits of our beloved country, which were established more than three decades before the iron-clad 1859 Treaty “was carved in stone” (and which, because of established international law, the ICJ cannot change), the following letter may help to explain.

The explanation had to be given to a British-owned company which was operating in Vera Paz, Guatemala, registered as the Eastern Coast of Central America Company, which wanted to make sure they were not trespassing on Belizean territory while doing their farming operation.

They had written to His Majesty’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Lord Glenelg.

(Signed) Compton Faitweather

From the archives of The Freedom Committee

Sir George Grey to the Secretary, L.S. Coxe, Esq.
23d November, 1836

I am directed by the Secretary of State to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th ultimo on behalf of the Eastern Coast of Central America Company, inquiring “What are the boundaries claimed by His Majesty’s Government for British Honduras (or Belise)?” and I am to acquaint you, in answer, that the territory, claimed by the British Crown as belonging to the British settlements in the Bay of Honduras, extends from the River Hondo on the north to the River Sarstoon on the south, and as far west as Garbott’s Falls on the River Belize, and a line on the same parallel to strike on the River Hondo in the north and the River Sarstoon on the south. The British Crown claims, also, the Waters, Islands, and Keys, lying between the coast, above defined, and the meridian of the easternmost point of Light-house Reef.

I am, at the same time, to warn you, that the greater part of the territory in question has never been the subject of actual survey, and that parties, who should assume the topography of the remoter tracts, and especially the course of the rivers, upon the authority of maps, would, in all probability, be led into error.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
(Signed) George Grey

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