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Cricket Corner

SportsCricket Corner

The Harrison Parks National Cricket Competition 2014 continued over the weekend with two very spectacular games. Seeing the scores tells a lot.

In Burrell Boom, Easy Does It from Lemonal defeated Wicked Eleven of Flowers Bank with a massive score of 246 runs with 1 spare wicket at the end of 50 overs, to 115 runs all-out for Wicked Eleven. At the start of the game, Easy Does It won the toss and took to bat. The captain, Kenroy “Ike” Reynolds knows this game is a “do or die” one (the series is tied at 1-1.). He went in as the open batsman and displayed quality batting. After putting up over thirty runs for his team, he was out LBW. He was a bit annoyed, as he thought the ball had first hit his bat. However, the umpire stood to his call. Other batsmen went in and pushed the score using all waste balls, with the help of young Malcolm, brother of the captain, who played very excellent and made 47 runs. When the last ball was bowled in the 50th over, the last two batsmen walked off not-out. Malcolm Reynolds made 47 runs. His brother Kenroy also batted 35. Darren Rhaburn of Wicked Eleven took two of their wickets.

After an hour’s lunch break, it was time for Wicked Eleven to showcase their ability. Try as hard as they did, they could not shake the strong bowling of Kenroy Reynolds, who cut the Wicked boys down in no time, allowing them to make 115 runs. In that inning, Travis Robinson made 58 runs. Kenroy Reynolds of Easy Does It took 5 wickets.

Easy Does It now travels to Lords Bank to start the best-of-three games semifinal series against Sunrise.

Meanwhile, at Double Head Cabbage, Brilliant of Crooked Tree played their first semifinal match against home team and last year’s champion, Excellence. Brilliant batted first, and it seemed that the champ had them for the first game. After five of Brilliant’s men were out for about 25 runs, the captain, Lawrence Banner decided that his team is against the wall and took to bat. He started to display full control of the blowers. He, along with Jermaine Smith; they did well. At the end of 50 overs with 4 wickets to spare, they had a similar score to Easy Does It (in the other game) – 246 runs. Jermaine Smith scored 92 runs, followed by captain Banner with 77 runs. Kenan Flowers and Kenroy Roca of Excellence took 2 wickets each.

It is now time for Excellence to cover what seems to be a massive score. The batsmen started to display quality performance. The last two men at bat, including Burke Howard, who had put a beating on Brilliant’s bowlers last year to win the coveted prize, were doing very well. Excellence needed only seven runs to beat this massive score. He saw the opportunity when a ball was bowled to him. He decided he will go for it to make a boundary and tie the score. He hit the ball with much confidence. The ball was caught at the boundary line by Captain Banner. In this inning, Kenan Flowers scored 88 runs, and Rodwell Conorque of Brilliant took 3 wickets. This ended a hard fought game.

Please note, Mr. Lawrence Banner had led Brilliant to two or more championships as captain. You’ve done well, Mr. Banner.

Excellence now travels to Crooked Tree where Brilliant will be the home team on Saturday for game #2 of the semifinals. Blessings to all.

(Ed. Note: While Easy Does It and Sunrise begin their best-of-3 semifinal series in Lords Bank, Brilliant can clinch a berth in the finals with another semifinals victory against defending champs Excellence this Saturday in Crooked Tree. It’s a “do or die” game for Excellence.)

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