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BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 26, 2015–Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks Cricket Competition Finals continues this weekend in Flowers Bank , between the home team Wicked 11 and Easy Does It of Lemonal.  This is game two.  Easy Does It had won game one earlier.  This is a must win for Wicked 11, or they could well be on their way to hunt.  The Wicked boys will try to push a game three.  So, best of luck, teams!  Play to your hardest, and please display sportsmanship.  Respect your fellow men.

   As the season reaches the end, I take this opportunity to thank each and every one who looked forward every Friday for getting an Amandala to see what is written on cricket and some.  It is with great pleasure and respect that I thank some people who had given me courage to continue writing, giving the public information about the game that is so loved by them, but were unable to attend all games at the same time.  I love the sport very much, hence the reason I take pride and time to do just that, put it in black and white.

   While there are people out there who criticize what I am doing by saying all sorts of degrading things about me and my writing, there were some out there who were and are positive in me and my work.  Some of their names must be mentioned.  They have given me encouragement and guidelines in order to be perfect.  These names are not necessarily in order:  Mrs. Delcy Young (my wife), Mr. John Gillett, Sr. (Crooked Tree), Mr. Gilroy Middleton (educator), Mr. Calbert Banner (certified umpire), Mr. Dean Lindo (attorney at law), Mr. Llewellyn “Luggy” Sutherland (family), Mr. Garret Joseph (cricketer), Earl “Bob Rancho” Perez (USA), “Bembe” Lu Lu Rhaburn (USA), and other positive ones.  You know who you all are.  Thanks to you too.

   I’ve seen people who I don’t know.  They would stop me on the streets and ask if I’m the person writing about cricket in the Amandala.  I say yes.  They told me that they buy the papers every Friday just to see what’s in it ‘bout cricket.  They say they enjoy reading and getting facts.

   It’s the same at my place of employment.  I feel so proud of myself, that I am doing something of importance.  Thanks to you all.  To those that find fault with what I do, and who say I am writing nonsense, I greatly thank you.  As what Luggy told some people the other day, “It is because you are reading Peter’s article; that’s why you know what he writes.”

   Mr. John Gillett said, “Pete, never in this world will anyone do 100% and get credit for it.”   Well, our Saviour walked on the earth without sin, but was crucified.  Who am I not to be mashed in the worst way?

   Now, I take this opportunity, on behalf of the official body of the Belize National Cricket Association, to thank all teams that had entered this year’s competition.  You all tried hard to reach the top, but it was not your turn.  We say, better luck next season.  Just don’t give up. Thanks also to our kind and generous sponsorship of BELIKIN and SMART.  You have made this year’s season a success.  Thanks to the Amandala Press for getting my articles published.  And thanks to all that have made this season a success in one way or the other.  A big and great Thanks to God for giving me the wisdom to do this work.

   May God bless you all!

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