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Cricket update from the BNCA

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Apr. 10, 2018– Greetings once again from the BNCA!

For this week’s cricket update edition, the BNCA (Belize National Cricket Association) would like to feature three amazing players who outdid themselves in matches played on Saturday, April 7, in the Sir Barry Bowen Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2018.

The first is Mr. Jermaine Pook from Police Cricket Team. This player batted outstandingly in the match between Police Team and Summer Fever in Bermudian Landing on Saturday. He was able to put up a total of 103 runs in the first half of the match!!

The second player in this trio is Mr. Kenton Young of Summer Fever Cricket Club. Not to be outdone by Mr. Pook, Kenton put up a total of 112 runs for Summer Fever in the second half.  Unfortunately, this amazing performance by Mr. Kenton Young was not enough for Summer Fever, as they lost against Police with a score of 192 to 225.

Last but not least, we come to the last player in the trio saga for the weekend. It is no other but Mr. Glenroy Reynolds of Easy Does It, who took 8 wickets for Easy Does It against Excellence on Saturday in Lemonal Village. His amazing performance clinched the win for Easy Does It over Excellence with a score of 155 to 143.

The BNCA sends special acknowledgement to all three players on a job exceedingly well done!!

The results of the matches played on Saturday, April 7, are as follows:

Easy Does It won over Excellence with a score of 155 to 143. For Easy Does It, Glenroy Reynolds took 8 wickets, and Cyril Banner top scored with 31. For Excellence, Kenroy Roca top scored with 40 runs, and Jonathan Benjamin took 6 wickets.

Police won over Summer Fever with a score of 225 to 192. For Police Team, Jeremiah Pook top scored with 103 runs, and Kene Flowers took 4 wickets for Police. For Summer Fever, Kenton Young top scored with 112, and Orson Flowers, Jermaine Baizer and B. Sutherland took 3 wickets each.

Wicked 11 won over Sunrise with a score of 161 to 99. For Wicked 11, Michael Flowers top scored with 27 runs, and Keon Robinson and Eddison Robinson took 3 wickets each.  For Sunrise, Kunal top scored with 19 runs, and Cornell Brown took 4 wickets.

Rural Mix won over Western Eagles with a score of 175 to 153.  For Rural Mix, Conway Jones top scored with 41 runs, and Alwayne Hendy took 3 wickets. For Western Eagles, Jude Joseph top scored with 39 runs, and Herman Gordon took 5 wickets.

Old Youth won over Big Deal with a score of 38 to 34. For Old Youth, Andy Dominguez and Tyrell Ferguson took 4 wickets each. For Big Deal, Malik Wagner top scored with 7 runs, and Brian Casasola took 3 wickets.

BDF won over Suga Boys with a score of 128 to 133 with two wickets to spare. For BDF, Jerry Casasola top scored with 40 runs, and T’Shaka Patterson took 3 wickets. For Suga Boys, Orvin Wade, Jr. top scored with 58 runs, and C. Tillett took 2 wickets.

The results of the matches played on Sunday, April 8, are as follows:

Berlan won over Brilliant with a score of 82 to 81 with 4 wickets to spare. For Berlan, Sayam top scored with 24 runs, and Marlon “Kamala” Nicholas took 5 wickets. For Brilliant, Landis Wade top scored with 26 runs, and Rodwell Conorquie took 3 wickets.

Police won over Old Youth with a score of 391 to 114 (Police declared with two spare wickets). For Police, Brandon Lewis top scored with 76 runs, and Garret Banner, Jr. took 6 wickets (Nice going, Mr. Banner!). For Old Youth, Andrew Armstrong top scored with 48 runs, and Marlon Rhaburn took 3 wickets.

Games scheduled for this weekend are as follows:

Saturday, April 14
Easy Does It vs Summer Fever in Lemonal
Western Eagles vs Police in Rancho Dolores
Excellence vs Old Youths in Sandhill
Rural Mix vs Big Deal in Isabella
Wicked 11 vs Sunrise in Flowers Bank

Sunday, April 15
Suga Boys vs Berlan in Bermudian Landing

All Star event next Saturday

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a break in the regular competition on April 21, as the BNCA will take that day to host an All Star event. There will be an Over-50 20/20 match, commencing at 10:00 a.m. (Over-50 players are welcome to sign up!), and the All Star 20/20, commencing at 1:30 p.m., where it will be Zone 1 vs Zone 2. There will be an MVP trophy and medals for the players of the winning teams! Trophies and cash prizes for the 2017, season donated by Bowen & Bowen Ltd. (Belikin Beer), will be distributed after the games. Dance will follow in the night with DJ Baaba at the Bermudian Landing basketball court!! The BNCA is inviting all cricket fans to come out for a day full of cricket fun!

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