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NATS Committee announces Farmers of the Year 2024

Photo: (left) Senior Farmer of the Year,...

To – David


Young sailors stand on the shoulder of a Master and Commander: Charles Bartlett Hyde

Photo: (right) Charles Bartlett Hyde Contributed: Harbour Regatta...

Cross Country Cycling

SportsCross Country Cycling

Cross Country Cycling Classic winners
Year Winner
1928 Elston Kerr; 2nd Norris Wade
1929 Elston Kerr; 2nd David Graham
1930 Norris Wade; 2nd Elston Kerr
1931 Donald Lightburn; 2nd Anselm Waight
1932 No race (1931 hurricane)
1933 Robert Ferguson; 2nd Donald Lightburn
1934 Robert Ferguson; 2nd Herbert Gentle
1935 Donald Lightburn; 2nd Dinsdale Lord
1936 Donald Lightburn; 2nd Hendicott Croft
1937 Jose Sosa; 2nd Jim Melin
1938 Jose Sosa; 2nd Luther Tucker
1939 Ben Sanchez; 2nd Jose Sosa
1940 Hendicott Croft; 2nd Ben Sanchez
1941 Goldburn Ferguson; 2nd Altreith Smith
1942 Goldburn Ferguson; 2nd Altreith Smith
1943 James Robateau; 2nd Charles Payne
1944 Robert Ferguson; 2nd Goldburn Ferguson
1945 Aston Gill; 2nd Robert Ferguson
1946 Aston Gill; 2nd Melford Ramsey
1947 Aston Gill; 2nd Colly Coffin
1948 Altreith Smith; 2nd Melford Ramsey
1949 Alvin Joseph; 2nd Aston Gill
1950 Aston Gill; 2nd Altreith Smith
1951 Jeffrey O’Brien; 2nd Altreith Smith
1952 Jeffrey O’Brien; 2nd Colly Coffin
1953 Clinton Castillo (junior); 2nd Jeffrey O’Brien
1954 Jeffrey O’Brien; 2nd Duncan Vernon
1955 Jeffrey O’Brien; 2nd Colly Coffin
1956 Edward Miguel; 2nd Duncan Vernon
1957 Duncan Vernon; 2nd Barry Parks
1958 Edward Miguel; 2nd Duncan Vernon
1959 Edward Miguel; 2nd Arthur Miguel
1960 John Miguel/Duncan Vernon (tie); 3rd Anselm Ysaguirre
1961 Duncan Vernon; 2nd Arthur Miguel
1962 Arthur Miguel; 2nd Anthony McClaren
1963 Lindsford Sutherland; 2nd Anthony McClaren
1964 John Miguel; 2nd L. Longsworth
1965 John Miguel; 2nd Duncan Vernon
1966 Kenneth Sutherland; 2nd Clinton Castillo
1967 Clinton Castillo; 2nd Louis Peyrefitte
1968 John Miguel; 2nd Rudy Miguel
1969 Rudy Miguel; 2nd Noel Gordon
1970 Rudy Miguel; 2nd L. Longsworth
1971 Pablo Calderon MEX; 2nd Manolo Ruiz MEX
1972 Anthony Hutchinson; 2nd Pablo Calderon MEX
1973 Anthony Hutchinson; 2nd Kenrick Halliday
1974 Kenrick Halliday; 2nd Alfred Parks
1975 Kenrick Halliday; 2nd Eugene King
1976 Alfred Parks; 2nd Jose Rendon MEX
1977 Kenrick Halliday; 2nd Alfred Parks
1978 Kenrick Halliday; 2nd Alfred Parks
1979 Alfred Parks; 2nd Glen Gordon
1980 Alexander Vasquez; 2nd Anthony Morris
1981 Alpheus Williams; 2nd Joslyn Chavarria
1982 Alpheus Williams; 2nd Vincent Smith
1983 Linsford Gillett; 2nd Vincent Smith
1984 Alpheus Williams; 2nd Karl Smith
1985 Robert Mossiah; 2nd Warren Coye
1986 Matthew Smiling; 2nd Michael Lewis
1987 Ward Zauner USA; 2nd Charles Lewis
1988 Steve Stewart USA; 2nd David Licker USA
1989 Frank “Mac” Cannon USA; 2nd Michael Lewis
1990 Charles Lewis; 2nd Ronald Sutherland
1991 Charles Lewis; 2nd Christopher Eash USA
1992 Michael Lewis; 2nd Leancy Gomez CUB
1993 Collet Maheia; 2nd Roque Matus
1994 Charles Lewis; 2nd Bobby Lee USA
1995 Orlando Chavarria; 2nd Gustavo Carillo GUA
1996 Chris Blake USA; 2nd Gustavo Carillo GUA
1997 Ernest Meighan; 2nd Bobby Lee USA
1998 Ben Barnard USA; 2nd Gustavo Carillo GUA
1999 Chris Fredericks USA; 2nd Steve Muejack USA
2000 Gustavo Carillo GUA; 2nd Ben Jones USA
2001 Ernest Meighan; 2nd Andrew Smiling
2002 Eduardo Uribe MEX; 2nd Gustavo Carillo GUA
2003 Chris Harkey USA; 2nd Abel Jochola GUA
2004 Chris Harkey USA; 2nd Shane Vasquez
2005 William Elliston USA; 2nd Michael Lewis
2006 Shane Vasquez; 2nd Jose Robles COL
2007 Boyd Johnson USA; 2nd Anthony Taylor JAM
2008 Ryan Baumann USA; 2nd Michael Lewis
2009 Carlos Lopez MEX; 2nd Carlos Manuel Hernandez MEX
2010 Miguel Perez GUA; 2nd Wilmen Bravo Isaga VEN
2011 Luis Alberto Santizo-Lara GUA; 2nd Carlos Gabriel Hernandez GUA
2012 Geovanni Choto; 2nd Brandon Cattouse
2013 Darnell Barrow; 2nd Juan Pablo Magallanes MEX
(The current record of 5:40:12 was set by Ryan Baumann USA in 2008.)

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