Letters Regional — 03 June 2014 — by D. Lopez

Dear Editor:

i. We do not want scientific research to be suppressed for political reasons.

ii. We do not want medical experts and researchers to be bullied and silenced for political reasons.

iii. We are concerned that the Vice Chancellor has used C.H.A.R.T. to put political interests over medical and public policy interests.

iv. We have not lost confidence in Professor Bain and view any loss of confidence as unjustified.

v. Regardless of your moral or political ideologies, the dismissal of an expert for giving an expert opinion is wrong.

vi. We are concerned that this is the beginning of more bullying of medical experts, scientists and UWI lecturers who conduct research.

vii. We are concerned that the VC is unable or unwilling to make independent decisions concerning C.H.A.R.T. in the broad interest of all citizen stakeholders.

viii. We do not want the academic environment at UWI to transform into one of conformity to certain political ideologies.

ix. We are not confident after the unfair dismissal that UWI will remain a center for open and objective scientific research.

x. Professor Bain did not falsify information or present disputed studies, so there was no basis for dismissing his Affidavit and firing him.

Thank you,
D. Lopez

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