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Why is it that Dangriga has not requested their building money?

LettersWhy is it that Dangriga has not requested their building money?

Dear Editor,

Most of the other towns and cities in Belize have submitted their requests for funds to build a multipurpose facility in their jurisdiction except Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town, Punta Gorda Town  and Dangriga Town.

I cannot see any justifiable reasons for the delay in making this request. This is a golden opportunity for our Mayor Gilbert Swaso to submit his request so that we can upgrade the Carl Ramos Stadium as a Multipurpose Sporting Center for Dangriga residents.

This facility will then be able to accommodate football and all of the major sports our young people play, generate desperately needed funds for the Dangriga Town Council and could even be considered as one of Dangriga’s hurricane shelters if it is designed and built properly. I do not think that we have secure buildings for hurricane shelters that can accommodate most of our residents in the event that a severe hurricane threatens our town.

This is why when we have hurricane warnings, most of our people run to the valleys or Belmopan.

I hereby appeal to the Dangriga mayor to submit his request for funds on behalf of our people, or else he will have to explain to us why he did not submit his request.

Elections are coming up and we do not want to hear any excuses.

Wellington C. Ramos

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