Headline — 12 January 2019 — by Albert J. Ciego
Darrell Ramclam, 41, shot in the face with rubber bullet by police

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 10, 2019– Darrell Ramclam, 41, of Morning Glory Street in Lake I, told us this afternoon that police shot him in the face with a rubber bullet while he was at the Mahogany Street Police Station. Ramclam said that he is now suffering from pain in his face and his eyes are swollen because of what the police did to him.

Ramclam explained that at about 10:00 Monday night, he and his brother went to the Bar Be Q Shop on Mahogany Street to buy food when police came and took his brother to the nearby police station.

Ramclam said that he followed to see what it was about, and as he was about to enter the station to sit down, a policeman stopped him and told him that he could not enter. Ramclam said he tried to explain to the officer that if his brother was to be locked down, he would have to take the news home.

Ramclam said that to his shock, an officer who was armed with a riot gun raised it and shot him in the face.

Ramclam said he was incredulous about what had just happened and tried to ask the policeman why he shot him. But the policeman just got into a vehicle and drove away.

He said that he tried to get assistance from the police to take him to the hospital because his face was bleeding, but they told him to get out because there was no vehicle there to take him.

He said that he refused to move and insisted on being taken to the hospital, and that was when a policeman called for a vehicle, which came shortly after, and he was taken for medical treatment.

Ramclam was treated at the hospital for his injury and later released. He said that he was not causing any problem, and that he did nothing to deserve being shot. He said he wants justice and he would get an attorney to address the abuse.

The attack on Ramclam came less than two days after the newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, announced that he would not tolerate police abuse and corrupt policemen.

On New Year’s Day, two police officers were caught on cameras savagely beating and kicking two men in San Pedro.

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