Crime — 19 April 2013 — by Rochelle Gillett
David Popper, 70, charged for “unnatural crime” against 23-year-old man

Popper allegedly drugged, then sodomized a Burrell Boom resident

Today, David Popper, 70, was taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and charged with three offenses after a doctor discovered that a Burrell Boom male resident, 23, had been the victim of sodomy.

According to police, at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, they visited the home of the Boom resident after Popper made a report that he had assaulted him. But when police arrived at the house, they found a disoriented person, who told them that he had visited Popper’s residence and was offered a drink, which he accepted.

He continued that after he started consuming the drink, he started to feel dizzy and lost consciousness. He regained consciousness for only a few moments, and saw Popper standing beside him, but passed out again.

He couldn’t give an account of how he arrived back at his mother’s house, where police apprehended him, but when the police arrived he informed them that he still felt dizzy. He was then taken into custody, and when they arrived at the police station the Boom resident reportedly slept from then until 5:30 the following evening, almost a full 24 hours.

It was when the resident got up to use the bathroom that he realized that something was amiss, as he was passing blood. He alerted the police, who took him to a hospital. A doctor examined the resident and found that he had been anally known. His injury was classified as wounding.

Popper was charged with committing an unnatural crime, wounding and committing a mischievous act for the false report that was made to police.

No pleas were taken for the charge of unnatural crime, because that is an indictable offense and will be heard in the Supreme Court.

No plea was taken for the charge of wounding either, because that charge stemmed from the unnatural crime offense.

Popper pleaded not guilty to the mischievous act charge, but prosecutor Kennard Clarke objected to bail, citing the safety of Popper due to the nature of the crime. Magistrate Frazer agreed with Clarke, stating to Popper that, “The crime of which you are accused, if I send you back to that area, I may regret it.”

With that, Popper was remanded to the Hattieville Prison until his next court appearance, scheduled for May 17, 2013.

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