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Deadly Mopan Street home invasion

At about 4:50 Saturday morning, two vicious killers entered the home of Carlos Mayorga, 52, a tacos vendor, stole $2,000, shot a kneeling Mayorga to death, and callously shot three females, who were Mayorga’s assistants.

The women told police that they all were at their home at 47 Mopan Street when two dark-complexioned men entered the house through the back door. One of the men was armed with a black 9mm pistol and the other had a knife in his hand.

The man with the gun pointed it at them and forced them into Mayorga’s bedroom. The gunman then demanded money, and Mayorga was forced to open a locker which was secured with a padlock.


Mayorga’s home on Mopan Street, Belize City


Mayorga was so terrified that he could not find the key to the locker, so he got a machete to pry open the locker, and was beaten with the gun butt by the gunman.

He handed over to the thieves $2,000 in cash, but that was not enough. The thieves demanded more money, but Mayorga told them he had no more to give.

The gunman, who already had the $2,000 that was taken from the locker, stood by the door of the room and shot Mayorga, who was still in a kneeling position before the locker, multiple times.

The gunman then turned his gun on the women – Mayorga’s daughter, Sijihan Avila, 21; and his workers Alida Asencio, 42, and Karina Avilez, 19, a waitress, and mercilessly shot them.

Both men then ran back through the back door.

Police say that they found Mayorga still kneeling by his bedside, by the locker, and he had been shot in the back of the neck and the left shoulder, while Avila had been shot in the left side of the chest and the left side of her abdomen, and Avilez was shot in the left arm.

Asencio, a Honduran, was shot in the left breast and left side of the abdomen, and tonight, Monday, she is reported to be in a coma, suffering from pancreatic bleeding, and is said to have a 50-50 chance of surviving.

Other reports are that Carlos Mayorga was shot four times in the head and chest, and died almost immediately.

Police have detained three Belize City men in connection with the shootings and murder.

One of Mayorga’s relatives told Amandala that Mayorga’s death and the shooting of his daughter and the other two women were uncalled for, because on several occasions, hungry persons went to Mayorga and he gave them food without collecting any money. He would give them $2 worth of tacos and a cup of juice.

Mayorga was kind and helpful, the relative said, and the death was senseless. She said that Carlos Mayorga’s wife and his son are in Honduras, and are expected to arrive in Belize City on Monday to face the tragic circumstances, and to conduct his funeral arrangements.

Mayorga’s body awaits a post-mortem at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital .


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