Letters — 14 August 2015
Distance yourself, PM

August 13, 2015

Dear Editor Amandala,

If you allow me space in your publication, I sincerely hope that by the time you print these comments the Prime Minister of Belize, the Honorable Dean O. Barrow, would have distanced himself and the United Democratic Party from area representative Mark King.

In my mind, failure to do so means that the Prime Minister and the UDP agree with and condone the comments made yesterday by Mr. King that he wants to “get rid of’”’ not only his political rival Cordel Hyde, but also his brother, father and the entire Kremandala media business.

The questions that hit me immediately on reading the 7 News online news transcript of King’s remarks were: Is Mark King speaking for himself, or the UDP? What really does “get rid of” mean?

Now I’m aware politics in Belize can get downright dirty and personal. But threatening a rival’s family and their business institution, particularly with words like “get rid of?” I can’t help but wonder how the legal authorities, namely the police, the DPP, the Attorney General’s Office and those in the legal profession, view this.

King disgustingly, thinly disguised his goal as getting rid of the People’s United Party. I’m sure the Prime Minister knows the results of the recently held first fledgling polling of Belizean voters and is now aware that it could very well be an indication that if he is returned to office, it is because the people believe that he is the lesser of two evils. That is not a legacy to brag about.

If Mark King thinks his outrageously irresponsible remarks will help return the UDP and PM Barrow to office, I hope the Belizean voter will show him by how far he has missed the mark. (Pun intended).


Beryl Young

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