Letters — 22 October 2013 — by Phillip de la Fuente

Dear Editor,

I dreamt my beautiful Belize had some leaders who were not at all interested in the development or progress of its people.

I dreamt we had a leader who was afraid to protect or demarcate our border, another leader who was allowing our rosewood to be cut down, another leader doing the exporting of the rosewood, and leaders giving away our oil, and islands, and lands, and culture, and heritage. One leader, quien no esta manchando su mano, but allowing these things to happen.

The supervisory committee, who oversees them all, the ethics and integrity committee, sees nothing wrong with anything. Remember, the aims and objectives of the party and government (sections 8,11,12,13) clearly state what they should be doing.

Oh, and what was the Loyal Opposition doing? Just laughing and thinking that this crowd is doing the same thing they did, and everything will be okay. Just waiting for the people to put them back in because there is no other option.

Or, is there?

Phillip de la Fuente

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