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Easy Does It tells Police, “Not this time;” and Western Eagles lashes Bright Star

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Feb. 17, 2016–Hello, you wonderful cricket fans! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2016 Cricket Competition got under way over the weekend with some very interesting matches.

Let me take you to the village of Lemonal, the home of last year’s champion, Easy Does It. Team Police travelled there to start the season. Police team is the 2nd place divisional champ for last year under the management/captainship of Officer Howell Gillett. After arriving in the village, they started meeting and greeting friends of long ago. Even shaking hands with Orlando Banner, who had played with them last year, but decided to go back home this year.

Well, time for game to start. Police took to bat first, and at the fall of the last wicket, 159 runs were put on the scoreboard. The batsman who helped to reach that score was captain Gillett, who top scored with 38 runs. If it was not for Herbert Banner, that performed so well in his bowling, taking 5 of Police batsmen’ wickets, maybe the score would have been different. That is a very defensive score if bowling is good.

After lunch break, it was time for Easy Does It to try and master the Police score. During the inning it looked good in the cops’ favor. When the last man was at bat, 7 runs were needed to win; so, tension was on both sides. With the help of Orlando Banner, who, after a single scored by his partner, hit a boundary six, the game ended. Team Police had lost. In that inning, Cyril Banner top scored with 35 runs. As hard as he tried, Walton “Baby Hulk” Banner could only get 3 Easy Does It wickets; but that made him the top bowler for Team Police. It is in the air that Mr. Gillett has to concentrate on his coaching more if he wants to win games; just blowing around.

We now go to Sandhill, where Western Eagles once again start the process of trying at winning the championship this year. They are up against the home team, Bright Star. Western Eagles took to bat first. Early, the batsmen decided to send a message to other teams that they are no joke this year, as runs started to fill the scoreboard. At the fall of the last wicket, the Eagles had put up a massive score of 230 runs. That score could bring fright to any team if their heart and mind is weak. Bright Star was not scared of that score. As long as the Star continues to shine, let’s put up a fight, they said. In that inning, old veteran Dirk Sutherland displayed very good batting by top scoring with 47 runs. Andy Dominquez’ bowling was good, as he took 5 of the Eagles’ stumps.

The struggle now started after lunch. Bright Star’s men started to go in. This team put up an excellent fight, although at the fall of the last wicket they batted 142 runs. Very impressive score! The man who had put a major damage to Bright Star was left handed bowler Jonathan Benjamin, who took 5 wickets for the Eagles. Kendis Moody performed well by top scoring with 28 runs.

At other venues, the games were very impressive in their own way.

Let’s take a look at the game played in Crooked Tree between Isabella Uprising and host, Brilliant. Uprising took to bat first and scored 119 runs, with Wayne Hendy top scoring with 42 runs, while Calbert Reynolds took 4 wickets for Brilliant. When it was turn for Brilliant to bat, they could only muster 41 runs against the strong bowling of Norman Rivers, who took 5 wickets. Landy Wade scored 29 runs.

Excellence went to Lords Bank against Cashu Medicos. Excellence batted first, and with the strong batting of Earl Wier, who scored 25 runs, added to their total of 83 runs. Jaswath took 4 of Excellence wickets. When the medical boys went to bat, they could have seen winning in sight; but Jamie Martinez’s strong bowling did not allow Medicos to go over 77 runs. Martinez took 7 wickets of the medical team. Prasath scored 17 runs for his team.

Then at Boom, the host team, Brave Union took a licking from the upstart Wicked 11. Winston “Bass Hag” Flowers of Wicked 11 batted 39 of the 127 runs totaled by his team. Lloyd Cassasola took 6 of the Wicked boys’ stumps. Try as they did, Brave Union batted only 67 runs. The best bowler for Wicked 11 was Edison “Sheep” Robinson, who took 3 wickets for his team. Brave Union’s best batsman was Frederick Reynolds, who scored 17 runs.

Congrats to all winners! To the officials, of the games, thanks for sending in the results to me on time, Please keep it up.! It shows your interest in what you do.

This weekend’s games are follows:

ZONE ONE – Western Eagles vs Police at Rancho Dolores; Excellence vs Bright Star in Sandhill; Easy Does It vs Cashu Medicos in Lemonal.

ZONE TWO – Isabella Uprising vs Berlan in Landing; Wicked 11 vs Suga Boys in Flowers Bank; Brilliant vs Sunrise in Crooked Tree, Brave Union rest.

Thanks. Remember, respect your fellow men. Layta! Bye!

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