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Educated fools

LettersEducated fools

Editor Amandala


There is nothing worse than an educated fool. So many people, in leadership positions and positions of responsibility, perhaps educated abroad, returned to Belize and became big fish in a small pond and have been treated like royalty. They have enjoyed privileges and a standard of living not available to the masses, the uneducated majority. And, they have become pompous, fat, and lazy. They are so proud of themselves that they stopped growing, closed their minds, and as a result are stagnant and stale.

I laughed out loud when I heard that the PhD’s at the University of Belize were upset that a man with only a Bachelor’s degree had been appointed President of the University, making him their boss. Never mind that this man has a wealth of experience and has continued to grow, reinvent himself, and to even maintain himself physically by regular visits to the gym.

Had I the opportunity to speak with him, I would have recommended that he go into his job and immediately implement urine screens. Many of our so-called elite are so full of drugs and booze that they are rendered incompetent fools. Upon receiving their degrees, they stuck their heads up their butts and went to sleep.

The next issue he should raise is: “What have you done lately?” Most have done nothing but rest on their laurels and collect fat pay checks.

Talitha Cum

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