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Eric Echols wins “Julia Humbles” Award

ATLANTA, Georgia, Thurs. July 5, 2018– Eric Echols, son of Virginia Echols, host of the KREM Radio show Moments of Inspiration, was awarded the Julia Humbles Award by  the Crystal Ball Foundation in Atlanta on June 30. The award is presented to persons who “seek to promote human welfare, are philanthropists, social reformers, excellent leaders, and Good Samaritans.”

The Crystal Ball Foundation supports the development of young people who are attending or plan to attend college. According to its website, it “serves as a beacon of light to enhance the lives of students through mentorship, leadership, and scholarships.” It also salutes individuals  it considers as “mentors” or role models for these young people.

Eric Echols, who was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised by his mother, joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 after graduating from Redford High School in 1983. Serving as a Corporal, Echols received two meritorious promotions, the 3rd Award Meritorious Mast, the 2nd Award Letter of Appreciation, a Good Conduct Medal, and an Honorable Discharge.

Now, Echols is a certified forensic interviewer (CFI) as well as a licensed private investigator and instructor, and firearms trainer for the State of Georgia through the Secretary of State, Private Detective and Security Agencies.

He has experience and expertise in criminal and civil investigations, domestic investigation, witness location, employee theft, premises liability, and security negligence, which makes him one of the best in the field of private investigations.

Echols also has a re-occurring appearance on the Emmy-nominated tv court show, Couples Court with the Cutlers.

Echols has devoted his life to the fight of injustice, and helping others who have been seriously injured, or lost a loved one through no fault of their own. His fight for the families in the Georgia community is why he was honored with the Julia Humbles Award.

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