General — 10 March 2018 — by Albert J. Ciego
Fabiana Scott pepper-sprayed by police in polling station

She wants Commander Vidal and the GSU to “have God in their hearts”

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 8, 2018– Fabiana Scott, a resident of Lakeview Street in the Collet Divsion, who suffers from a heart condition, says she was pepper-sprayed by police, causing her condition to be aggravated. She was taken to a doctor for examination and for costly X-rays.

Scott said that after 6:00 yesterday evening she was at the polling station on Magazine Road when the polling station closed for voting, and the ballot box was locked, but shortly after, four persons rushed in wanting to vote, and were permitted to vote. That caused an uproar, since supporters of the other party protested that no way such a thing should be allowed. Police were called to the scene, and that was when members of the GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) came in and began to pepper-spray the people, to quell the commotion.

Scott said that she began to cough and began having difficulty breathing, and she panicked, fearing for her life, because of her heart condition. She said that she was there in support of Bernard Wagner, her relative, the PUP mayoral Candidate, and she was just an observer.

She said that although she was abused by police and was sprayed for no reason, she wants peace and does not want to be targeted or harassed by police. She wants the GSU and Commander Marco Vidal to engage in better public relations, and to learn to treat members of the community with respect.

She described the actions carried out by the GSU yesterday as cruel and uncalled for. She expressed the hope that Commander Vidal and the GSU would “find God”, which she believes would enable them to do their job better and treat people more kindly.

Scott is not seeking reimbursement from the police for the money she spent for her medical expenses.

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