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Family fears the worst for missing Caledonia man, Luis Alcoser, 32

CALEDONIA VILLAGE, Corozal, Thurs. Jan. 7, 2016–Luis Alcoser, 32, of Caledonia Village, Corozal, who left home at about 6:00 Tuesday morning in his KIA Sportage, reportedly to buy goods for the shop he operates out of his home, has still not returned, his family has told police.

Alcoser’s loved ones now fear for the worst, after his vehicle was found on Wednesday morning, abandoned on the road to the village and riddled with bullets.

At around 6:00 yesterday morning, a man known to the family visited the home and alerted them that Alcoser’s vehicle had been spotted riddled with bullets and abandoned, relatives said.

Alcoser’s father immediately went to see what was happening, and saw the vehicle in the bushes, about 10 feet off the road, at the junction of the roads leading to Buena Vista and Caledonia Village. In the abandoned vehicle, he found his son’s driver license.


The devastated father told police that he has no clue what has happened to his son. He had been concerned that his son was in the habit of leaving home for several hours, or sometimes for days, without disclosing his whereabouts.

Police told Amandala, that the windshield of the KIA Sportage had three bullet holes and the door on the driver’s side had one bullet hole. However, there were no blood stains in the vehicle.

Police also found tracks from another vehicle near the Kia Sportage, leading relatives to think that Alcoser may have been kidnapped.

Inspector Dennis Serano, Deputy Commander of Corozal Police, said that police are investigating.

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