General — 21 April 2015 — by Rowland A. Parks
Improper grave work causes stench from tomb

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Apr. 20, 2015–The family of Roy Flowers, who was buried in the Lords Ridge Cemetery on April 9, visited Amandala this afternoon to complain that the brick grave they paid for was improperly done and that the stench of their loved one had been emanating from the grave.

When this reporter visited the cemetery to ascertain the accuracy of what the family was claiming, a group of cemetery workers was rude and hostile to us.

“Don’t let him take your picture. We will run him out of here if he tek any picture,” one shouted to the worker who had come across to speak to the family.

The worker, who was working on a new grave, came across, and in the presence of Flowers’ widow, his brother and his two teenage daughters began to explain that someone had stolen the wood that was used to brace the cement.

The small holes on the grave from which the smell was coming were nothing to worry about, the cemetery worker told the family, as he began tossing fresh cement to seal the holes from which the stench was coming.

“Don’t worry, we will plaster it very soon,” he assured the family.

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