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Farmer “chopped up” and shot to death in San Pedro Colombia

SAN PEDRO COLOMBIA, Toledo District, Tues. Dec. 29, 2015–According to police, a San Pedro Colombia farmer died after being chopped several times and shot in the chest.

Evaristo Bul, 55, of San Pedro Columbia, was seen lying in a pool of blood with multiple chop wounds to the left side of the head and shoulder and several gunshot wounds to the left side of the chest and the right elbow.

Bul was declared dead on the scene. He was found lying on the ground on the road between San Pedro Columbia and San Miguel, in an area about ½ mile beyond the San Pedro Columbia Bridge at about 9:20 Saturday night, Boxing Day.

Police reported that Bul was involved in a land dispute case at the Alcalde Court earlier Saturday evening, after which he was reportedly threatened.

Police have since detained one man and are seeking two others as investigations continue into Bul’s brutal murder.

-police blotter-

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