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I feel like an idiot …

Dear Editor,

It occurs to me that Donald Trump, the amoral lunatic liar and corrupt Republican nominee for President of the U.S. in this November’s election, might consider relocating to Belize, where he could take his ease and feel at home among his con man peers who populate the various ministries and where double-talk and denial is the type of discourse he’s most familiar with.

In Belize, he could relax on the beach, knowing that no matter how preposterous and illogical his orations might be, a receptive audience can always be found among the “honorable” — that permanent ruling class of bureaucrats and politicians who believe the rules don’t apply to them.

Should he become bored, well…no problem in taking a short hop to Miami to do a little shopping with the Missus…you know, one of those official “fact finding” missions. I’m sure he would find, in fact, that all is well in Florida.

In Belize — clearly — it becomes more and more apparent that trust in government continues to diminish. It would be easy to despair and for Belizeans to succumb to an immobilizing impotence — the actual, the real slave mentality— as they are forced to witness their treasury plundered; theirs and their children’s lives blighted by politicians who steal with impunity from the kleptocratic economy; left confused when every one of their objections to the status quo is met with a barrage of self-serving lawyerly bull…t, adjudicated by a compromised judiciary.

In all these matters, Belizean people know in their hearts what Frank Lloyd Wright knew: “The truth is more important than the facts.”

On a more upbeat note, I was mightily encouraged to see the turnout for the BNTU get together in Belmopan on September 19. If GOB thinks this is about the 3 percent promised wage increase — to a profession that is already underpaid — they had better think again. The writing’s on the wall (I hope!), and maybe it’s time and maybe BNTU is the vanguard for all courageous Belizeans who refuse to be FORGETTERS and who understand that YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO LIVE FOR !

Among the many voices from all walks of life in Belmopan on the 19th, perhaps my favorite, as reported by Parks and Goodin in the Amandala is this from a tour guide, Rudy Burgos: “I am out here today because I feel like an idiot. The people I have voted for, I think that I have voted for idiots, and when I think about that, I feel like an idiot. We blame our politicians, but collectively, unless we start doing the right things, morally and ethically, how can we make those demands from our elected representatives?”

Keep dancing until the music stops…

Russell Czarnecki

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