General — 23 February 2016 — by Albert J. Ciego
FFB President Ruperto Vicente says his life was threatened

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 22, 2016–Amidst the bad blood and power struggle within the executives of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB), the life of its president, Ruperto Vicente, reportedly has been threatened. Vicente confirmed to Amandala today that the threats were made on his life via text messages. He said that one of the messages read, “I can easily kill you.”

Vicente said that he will report the threats to police, who have told Amandala tonight that so far, no report has been made to them about the matter.

Vicente, who apparently, had not considered reporting the threats to police initially, said that he has been advised to report the matter.

He said that his executive wants to overthrow him, but he is taking his time to deal with them.

On Thursday, a meeting was called by FFB executives at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan, where the main agenda was to suspend the president.

Vicente, however, made a counter-move and did not accept the proposed suspension from the executives at Thursday’s meeting.

The Congress ruled that the suspension cannot be enforced, and it was delayed until FIFA and CONCACAF decide what is to be done.

In an interview on Channel 7 News, Marlon Kuylen, one of the executives who accused Vicente in October of trying to gain endorsements in all the districts, which was against the rules of FFB, said that he had personally intervened to block it.

Vicente, for his part, said that his executives had made many other allegations against him, all in an effort to stop him from contesting the upcoming elections in March, when he will seek reelection as president.

Vicente said that he is confident that he will retain his seat and called on the executives to resign, if they are not happy with his administration.

On Channel 7 News last Friday, there was a back-and-forth between Kuylen and Vicente.

Vicente asked why the executive did not seek to suspend him two years ago because they have the same complaint that he was doing things his own way.

He questions why wait until 6 weeks before the elections to attempt to suspend him.

Vicente says that he is challenging them to defeat him in the election in March.

Kuylen said they don’t want his job. They want to take a stand against what they see is going wrong and want it corrected by the federation.

Vicente pointed out that in the upcoming elections, he will run with his own slate and the executives will run with theirs.

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