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Mauricio Caballero, FIFA Development Officer for Central America, visited Belize on the 20 – 22 of August.

During his visit Mr. Caballeros:

(1) Visited and inspected the MCC Grounds and observed that the pitch is a good one, and with some work can be one of the best pitches in the country.

He noted that some work needs to be done on the infrastructure of the stadium.

The FFB will now need to get professional people to prepare a design and quotation for the improvements of the stadium and two (2) other stadiums in the country.

He also visited the Marion Jones Sports Complex and was very impressed with the football pitch.

(2) On Tuesday, he inspected the facilities in Belmopan. The following actions were decided on:

(a) Improve the lighting for future championship games.

(b) Building of a new office complex for the FFB Executive

(c) Submit the plans and bill of quantities by Monday August 28, 2012, to FIFA office in Guatemala.
(d) Improve on the practice pitch at the stadium in Belmopan

(3) Confirmed the following training programs for Belize:

(a) 10 – 14 September, 2012 – Seminar for football Administrators. This administration seminar is for Executive Members, District Associations, League Executive, PLB Team Managers and other FFB Committee Members.

(b) 12 -16 November, 2012 – FIFA Performance Seminar.
This will assist in charting the way forward for the FFB. Major stakeholders in football will be invited to participate in this seminar. This will include Executive Members of the FFB, Sponsors of football, Media – newspapers, Radio, Television and others.

(4) Held discussions on programs now being implemented by the FFB. These include: the Grassroots Program; the Referees Program; the Futsal Program; the Female Program; the Inter-district Program; the Women Football Program; the PLB Football Tournament.

Mr. Caballeros was extremely happy with what the Federation is doing and has done this far. For a
change, he did not have to deal with confrontation with the League and other stakeholders.

He pledged FIFA support for the FFB, and will be submitting his report on all his findings and recommendations.

The Federation is looking forward to viewing the contents of the report.

The Federation continues to press forward in spite of the challenges, and we ask Belizeans and our supporters to be patient as we work hard to improve our sport.

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