Highlights — 13 May 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

With regards to our story, “Fisheries employee beaten and robbed on Lakeview Street,” on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, in which we said that the victim was sitting in his car in front of a Chinese store on Lakeview Street when he was attacked and his half-inch thick gold chain stolen, Amandala was told that the victim had come to the store not to buy beer, but to buy fried chicken for his wife.

After he was told that they did not have any chicken, however, he got back into his car to drive off, but it would not start because the ignition switch was giving trouble.

While he was trying to start the car, a man came up on the passenger side and grabbed his neck and attempted to steal his gold chain.

The victim resisted and opened the driver’s door. He fell out of the car, but the robber fell on top of him, and they struggled.

During this time, another thief came and both thieves managed to beat and overpower the victim. They then managed to steal his chain.

He also clarified that he is not an employee of the Fisheries Department, but of Fisheries CARICOM, based in the Fisheries Department on Princess Margaret Drive.

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